We will customize our services specifically to meet the needs of each client as an individual.

We are upfront about all of our costs and what we will provide. We recognize that this is an extraordinarily emotional and vulnerable time for you and your family. We will do all we can to protect the sacred honor of your trust.

Fee Structure

Because individual needs are at the heart of an end-of-life Doula’s service, the costs associated are also individualized. Astral Dragonfly operates on a “Pay As You Can” model. We ask our clients to choose an hourly rate between $20/hr and $100/hr, with a suggestion of $60/hr. We ask clients to choose the rate they will pay prior to contract signing. Additional costs will be incurred for extended travel, for extra visits and for any supplies over and above what Angela normally provides.

Both parties will sign and adhere to a contract, so all expectations are clear from the beginning. Angela is empathetic, always willing to work with clients, and will explain everything in detail the best she can.

Payments may be made by cash, check (made out to Astral Dragonfly,) Venmo (@astraldragonfly,) Paypal (,) or Credit Card through invoice.

Astral Dragonfly offers financial assistance to those who would benefit from the services of a Death Doula but who may be financially compromised (evidence of need is requested). If special arrangements are necessary, please feel comfortable asking.

Service Menu

Some of what we offer our clients is explained below. Please feel free to download a current copy of our services via this link. We are regularly learning about the needs of our community and adding services as we see the need. If something is not listed, but you feel we can help, please feel free to reach out via our contact page, through email or phone.

Consultation – more than just a chat.

Initial Phone Consultation

This introductory conversation will allow us to briefly get to know one another and for you to ask any questions you may have about the services we offer and how we can support you. This would be a good time to share your specific needs and desires. There is no commitment required to use this service.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for those who are curious about the death industry or death doulas. Conversations and compassion are the most important components of doula care and Astral Dragonfly is honored to offer a safe space for these discussions.

Extended Initial Consultation – Phone or Zoom

This pre-scheduled conversation could happen in place of or in addition to an initial conversation. This time will allow us to connect on a deeper level with face to face interaction (through Zoom or similar platform). We will outline your specific needs and how we can support you. In addition, we will make a plan together and schedule our first sessions. There is no commitment or cost associated with this service.

Direct End-of-Life Services

Virtual Guidance/Doula Services

With Covid-19 being a presence in our lives, many healthcare facilities and providers have advised against or even prohibited visitors. During these times, many families feel most comfortable using an End-of-Life Doula as a virtual resource. Through telephone, electronic means, (texting, emails, chat) and virtual meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) we will provide supportive listening, sharing and offer end-of-life guidance at a distance. Astral Dragonfly will work tirelessly to create the complete package as outlined below without in-person contact. This is also useful for people who live outside of the local area served by Astral Dragonfly.

Legacy Work / Project

A legacy project can be as elaborate as an art installation or as simple as a scrapbook. Useful for creating peace for the dying, a legacy project is an overview of the highlights of a life well lived. This service is good for anyone, not just those who are at the end of their lives, to review and contemplate a life’s legacy.

Complete Package

Together, we will set a schedule of visits for you or your loved one. Angela will employ her skills of deep listening, compassion, empathy and will guide you or your loved one through the last days of life. Angela will be available and present as much as possible during the final days and for the vigil. In addition, Angela will help with tasks such as obituary writing, funeral home notification, family and friends notification, early grief and grief processing.

  • Summing up and Planning
    • Life Review and Legacy
    • Planning for Last Days
  • The Vigil
    • Holding Space for the Plan
    • Guiding Through the Process
  • Reprocessing and Early Grief
    • Retelling the Story
    • Exploring the Nature of Grief

For further information on what an End-of-Life Doula does or can do for you, please click here.

Other Services

Grief Processing & Grief Coach

Astral Dragonfly will work in a doula capacity with those who are experiencing grief. Using techniques such as active listening, guided visual imagery, herbal support, telling the story and legacy work, Astral Dragonfly will be present and open with you, providing a safe space in which you can learn to navigate your grief. This can be for an individual or groups. This is not meant for complicated grief, and if the doula feels it is necessary, she will make referrals for mental health services.

Celebrant and Memorial Service

Additional celebrant services such as weddings and baby namings are available. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

“If I can see pain in your eyes, then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes, then share with me your smile.”

-Santosh Kalwar