What Does a Death Doula Do?

Astral Dragonfly Doulas have been trained in three phases of end-of-life care as well as extensive training in grief, grief processing and coaching.

Examples of what an Astral Dragonfly End-of-Life Doula will do:
• Companion the dying and the dying person’s loved ones.
• Listen with an open mind and remain non-judgmental.
• Suggest interventions for comfort.
• Help facilitate unresolved issues.
• Assist in preparing Advance Directives.
• Plan the vigil.
• End of life planning.
• Write an Obituary.
• Write and deliver a eulogy.
• Officiate a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life service.
• Create remembrances.
• Assist the dying and their loved ones to find peace and acceptance in dying and find meaning in life.
• Support the Client and their loved ones through the entire end of life journey.
• Support bereaved and grieving people, regardless of the source of grief.
• Support those who have fears or concerns surrounding end of life.
• Create and hold conversations about death and end-of-life.
• Support, companion and listen to people experiencing life transitions.

“Maybe death
isn’t darkness, after all,
but so much light
wrapping itself around us.”
― Mary Oliver